aiBANK Academy for Credit Professionals

aiBANK is proud to launch its 5th Credit academy round, offering a revamped blended learning experience for fresh graduates. Participants who will succeed throughout the journey will be offered a fast-track career opportunity in the Corporate Banking and Risk Sectors.

The Credit Academy duration is 6 months.

A brief about the Blended learning experience:

  1. Introduction to Banking Foundations: Graduates get enrolled in an experiential Rotational Program covering the core and support banking sectors.
  2. Accounting Essentials Program: Graduates sit for an intensive Accounting program covering essential knowledge and techniques for Credit Professionals.
  3. Credit Certification: Graduates will gain solid exposure to up-to-date knowledge and practice with one of the most renowned entities and get certified as Credit Professionals. 
  4. Interpersonal Capsule: Graduates will be enrolled in a custom-made Interpersonal program to help them brand themselves and develop their characters as Credit Professionals.

If you are interested to explore a challenging yet rewarding experience please hurry up and apply now via aiBANK recruitment mail - Subject: aiBANK Academy for Credit Professionals


Preferably AUC or GUC graduates.

Applicants who are not fresh graduates will be disregarded.