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5 New branches within the Outreach Strategy and offering the latest Banking Technology

Omayma Farhat, Chairman and Managing Director of Arab Investment Bank. has opened the latest bank’s branches at Strip Mall in Beverly Hills, Sheikh Zayed. The branch is recognized by having the latest electronic systems. A group of leaders and a variety of the bank’s sectors heads attended the opening.


Omayma Farhat pinpointed that according to the framework of the strategic directions and due to the ambitious expansion plan of Arab Investment Bank, openings of a series of new branches will follow later. Ms Farahat added that the bank’s main vision is: developing existing branches, achieving spreading by opening more branches, and providing the latest technological and banking services to our customers, and that to insure customers’ needs 24/7. Ms. Farahat added that the new branches are designed to facilitate financial and monetary needs to customers and to allow them benefit from the bank's unique services.


Omayma Farhat also noted that part of the continuous efforts of Arab Investment Bank is satisfying its valued customers. The bank recently announced an increase in the rate of return for the product "Savings Plus" to 14% as the highest annual return with the possibility of issuing a direct debit card free of charge.


Omayma Farhat added that in line with the bank's desire to: expand its leading position in the Egyptian banking market, build a banking culture in line with the technological development, and meet the requirements of all customers, the bank has prepared a comprehensive strategy to provide digital banking services; where the bank attaches great importance to the initiative of the Central Bank of Egypt e-payment as the main gateway to achieve financial inclusion through access to banking services for all members of the community. The Bank will provide these services to customers and non-bank customers in addition to providing a variety of electronic payment services to facilitate daily financial transactions, including the provision of collection services to customers and also digital payment services via the Internet banking and ATMs.


Omayma Farhat confirmed that currently, the bank is working on the implementation of the banking services via internet banking and mobile phones in addition to the availability of a new professional call center working 24 hours a day, to respond to all inquiries of customers. In addition, new and sophisticated ATMs will be provided with the latest digital services.


Omayma Farhat stressed on the importance of supporting the government’s tendency to limit monetary transactions in all its dealings to support and promote financial inclusion, putting in consideration the electronic payments of citizens’ fees and expenses, and that be reflected on the improvement of the Egyptian economy and the expansion of the base of the financial inclusion.

Dated on 2019/3/24