About aiBANK

About us Board of Directors Management Team
  • aiBANK was established in 1974 as an investment and commercial bank under the supervision of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE). aiBANK started its operation in 1978 with a capital of USD 40 million, which was increased to EGP 1.84 Billion, with participation of 91.42% from the National Investment Bank and 8.58% from the Federal Arab Republic.
  • aiBANK provides all types of banking services to individuals through different retail banking products, investment and treasury services, as well as Islamic banking services for which a solid legislative committee is dedicated to work according to Islamic banking standards. That is besides services provided to companies and incorporations through participating in financing national mega projects via syndicated loans, which are of great importance for the national economy as well as the Bank. Moreover aiBANK finds out a link between national projects and SMEs, which are seem to be the driving force for achieving socio-economic development currently.
  • aiBANK provided its services to all its clients through more than (30) commercial & Islamic branches spread all over Egypt, yet, it is working on expanding geographically, and opening new branches, including mini branches and Islamic branches. In addition to expanding its ATM network to cover most vital places.
  • aiBANK is keen to maintain client satisfaction through providing distinctive services and it seeks to acquire the most updated IT systems to enhance performance and raise the level of its banking services. The Bank is also focusing on enhancing the competencies of its staff through extensive training using the most advanced programs.

Board of Directors

Mrs. Omayma Omar Farahat
Chairman of the Board and Managing Director
Mr. Hisham Mohamed Abdel Aal
Member of the Board of Directors - Executive
Mrs. Rafahia El Sayed Hussien
Member of the Board of Directors - Non-executive from the experienced
Mr. Ashraf Mohammed Bahey El Din
Member of the Board of Directors - Non-executive for the Central Bank of Egypt
Mr. Ahmed Gad Radwan Kamaly
Member of the Board of Directors - Non-executive for National Investment Bank
Mrs. Zeinab Ibrahim Hashem
Member of the Board of Directors - Non-executive for National Investment Bank
Mrs. Dalia Mostafa Kamel Abd El-Fattah
Member of the Board of Directors - Non-executive for National Investment Bank

Management Team

Hisham Mohammed Abdel Aal
Assistant Managing Director
Tamer Ahmed Mostafa
Head of Corporate Business Banking
Mona Ramadan
General Manager - Chairman of the Board office
Abd Elrehim Hussien
Head of Audit
Eman Ismail
Head of Engineering Sector
Ibrahim Dawood
Head of Policies & Procedures Sector
Magdy Dawood
Head of Central Operations Sector
Enas Ezzat
Head of Governance & Compliance Sector
Mona Adel Aziz Melika
Head of Financial Institutions and Correspondent Banking
Tarek Mohamed Taher Abd El-Hamid Wahba
Head of Internal Control
Mohamed Yehia Nour El-Din
Head of Security Sector
Ibrahim El-Molla
Head of General Administration
Alaa Abou Nossier
Chief Risk Officer
Mohamed Yahia Shoueib
Head of Treasury & Funds
Ashraf El Senoussi
Chief Information Officer
Amr Mohamed Tawfik
Chief Finance & Administration Affairs
Hesham Fayez
Head Of Legal Affairs Sector
Adel Hashem Gomaa
Head of Branches Network & Distribution Channels
Nessrine Elhamy Selim
Head of Human Resources Sector
Riham Diab
Head of Public Relations & Corporate Communications
Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud El-Shamy
Acting as Head of Remedial & Special Assets
Mohamed El-Sayed
Acting as Head of SME’s
Rania Nabil
Head of Large Corporate & Syndications